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ùûüÿàâçéèïîôœ !!!

At type accent marks, diacritics, and other characters online, then cut and paste them whenever you want.

(Thanks to Tim Cayer, LMS at Hall for this one.)

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Get creative with Big Huge Labs

At Big Huge

you can make “cool stuff” with digital photos -  motivational posters, jigzaw images, mosaics and more. My favorite is the magazine cover option – where you can add pictures, titles and graphics to make yourself or a friend a cover star. (Teachers take note – a magazine cover might be an excellent way to communicate understanding and perspective on a complex topic.)

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Tumblebrook Library – not just for little kids


WHPS subscribes to TumbleBook Library, which you may assume is intended only for elementary grades. In fact, it has some great activities for secondary teachers.   World Language & ESOL teachers will find special, easy-to-use  features to engage their students.  Explore the Language Learning and Record-a-TumbleBook features. 

Go to:     Username: whps  Password: book

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Visit Sporcle

A student (of course) recommended this site to Glastonbury English teacher Mark Dursin, who wrote about it in the Courant. “ is an online trivia site jampacked with timed quizzes…which run the gamut of categories, from geography to sports to literature to pop culture. Some require a doctorate and some fall into the “Just for Fun” category.”  There’s bound to be something fun – and educational –  here you can “assign” your students. Then let the games begin!

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WHPS Subscriptions for YOU!

There are great resources available to teachers and students through the district – some old and some new.  Save and refer to the attached list (whps subscriptions ) of user names and passwords so you can access them throughout the year.  The list includes: BrainPop, BrainPop Spanish, Quia, Teaching Books and others.  And then there are the many databases you can access through the library home page at

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Online flashcards & such

These sites offer electronic flashcards and other activities (hangman, matching games, etc) that can be assigned by teachers, or used by students for their own review. Many different subjects. Some allow users to export to cell phones and iPods – although free software applications have to be downloaded first.

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To Thinkfinity…and beyond!

There are hundreds of high quality lesson plans at “Thinkfinity” – searchable by subject area and grade level.

“Developed by world-renowned organizations who are experts in their fields, these standards-based resources include lessons plans, student materials, reviewed Web resources and interactives.”

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